What are great birthday ideas for my boyfriend?

Issue by Anna Smith: What are great birthday ideas for my boyfriend?
we have been relationship for two one/2 years and i dropped the ball on his birthday two several years in a row. so this calendar year i want to do some thing actually specific for him but i am unemployed. what are relatively affordable suggestions of issues to do for my boyfriend’s thirty seventh birthday?

he is into audio, audio gear, pictures, motion pictures and the outside. we reside in a town-like spot close to a film theatre, a pair of parks, shops and dining establishments. we have the capacity to go into NYC. any concepts? thanks in progress.

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Response by hatemeloudly
truthfully perhaps you need to do anything a tiny attractive and romantic. make him evening meal and observe a motion picture he loves, then just take a walk close to like perhaps the park. then go house and be passionate lol. straightforward is constantly better. most fellas dont care, they just want to be with you. :)

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