I want to be a audio producer when I develop up?

Question by Dumb given that ’93: I want to be a audio producer when I expand up?
So right now I am in the procedure of implementing to schools. Particularly under a recording arts/music technologies/audio-egineering significant. The dilemma with that is the only instrument I engage in is the cymbals. Are there any schools that have that main that never call for you to audition to get in? I planned to find out how to enjoy the guitar, a horn and the drum-established when I received into higher education.
I previously have most of my general education credits since I am in a system in which I go to large school and university at the very same time.

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Response by PE2008
There is only one TAC/ABET-accredited Audio Engineering Bachelor’s diploma in the United states — at Belmont University. (U of Hartford also has a excellent system, but it really is not TAC/ABET-accredited accredited nevertheless).

Be informed most “Songs Creation” colleges are bogus, and graduation does not guide to jobs in the audio sector. The Audio Engineering Engineering packages at Belmont at Hartford are oriented toward the complex aspect and you can get positions in the Electronics Industry if not the Audio Business. (The music sector is dying).

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