How does one particular locate all audio/tunes documents on pc?

Issue by Chris P: How does a single identify all audio/music information on laptop?
I am making an attempt to organize all my music/audio/video data files on my pc. The issue is they seem to be just about everywhere. Some of my songs gamers have these kinds of and this kind of tracks, whilst other individuals have diverse songs. I also have audio books and other non music audio that appear to be positioned all above the location as effectively. I may be naive in asking but is there in any case, perhaps a plan, that will discover all the audio documents on my computer? I just want almost everything to be in a single location so I can manage factors.

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Solution by I8AShroom
The look for perform is the obvious instrument to use to find diverse kinds of documents. For case in point *.mp3 would discover all mp3 files on your computer. The difficulty is a whole lot of programs use audio and video clip files and if you shift them then the software that uses them might not be capable to operate appropriately. You have to use discretion when moving the data files.

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