How do i use sounds removal in audacity with no truly eliminating the audio i want?

Question by autumn dude: How do i use noise elimination in audacity without having truly removing the audio i want?
in among the audio im utilizing, there is a good deal of cheering and unwelcome noises when the audio i want is enjoying. i want to know how to just eliminate the cheering and preserve the music audio. plz assist
i will do it in anyway just inform me how to do it
i did choose a small part and do th sounds elimination but components of the cheering are nevertheless there. its not going. any tips?

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Reply by Tiberia
Discover a piece of the recording that *only* has cheeringnoise and no audio, and selecthighlight it. Then go to Outcomes > Sounds Removing, and click on “Get Sounds Profile.” Then click on Ok. Then selecthighlight the entire track, go again to Sound Removing, and alter the quantities making use of the Preview. When you are content click on Ok and wait around for it to function. Accomplished.

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