How do I transfer my iTunes library to one more personal computer?

Issue by Julie xD: How do I transfer my iTunes library to another laptop?
I have my songs (audio) and songs films on a normal Mac Desktop. I acquired a Macbook Air, sorry I do not know what model, possibly the newest? But it will not have a cd slot so can I set the audio and music movies on a usb? :) Thanks in advance of time.

IF you want me to incorporate much more data. ask :) thanks

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Response by SilverTonguedDevil
Indeed, but only if you say “a USB push.” :-)

USB is the sort of connector. You can have a USB printer, you know.

Also, when you initial switch on a new Mac, it asks you if you want to transfer stuff. Just agree, and it does it for you via Wi-Fi.

Does “regular Mac Desktop” have the title “iMac” just beneath the display? Is it a flat-panel Lcd screen? If so, that has Wi-Fi. Only truly ancient Macs absence Wi-Fi.

EDIT: Woah!!! Bernardo thinks you are asking about an iPod. Did you indicate “iPod” rather of “Mac”? Which is a complete various query.

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