How do I change my audio from MP3 to wav or wma audio files?

Query by hey[:: How do I change my music from MP3 to wav or wma audio information?
I just obtained a You Tube account and I want to make a video to lyrics from a tune. On Home windows Motion picture Maker, I click “import songs/audio” then i click on the tune and every little thing. then i click “import” and nothing at all happens. I asked a issue on what to do, and they said to modify from MP3 to wav or wma audio data files. how do i do that? make sure you do it phase by phase. thank you sooo considerably!!! :]

Best solution:

Reply by Josh
Try this program its called DVDVideoSoft


best program ever some of the issues it does are:

download youtube videos
convert music
turn movie into audio

great software

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