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How to record audio on a mac?

Question by Riin: How to record audio on a mac? I want to document like track record music audio. I know Quicktime records audio, but it documents what is coming from the speakers. I want something that data just the sound, not any outside noise that could occur. Best reply: Answer by BobInquire Apple listed […]

How do i use sounds removal in audacity with no truly eliminating the audio i want?

Question by autumn dude: How do i use noise elimination in audacity without having truly removing the audio i want? in among the audio im utilizing, there is a good deal of cheering and unwelcome noises when the audio i want is enjoying. i want to know how to just eliminate the cheering and preserve […]

How do you place music in Windows Motion picture Maker?

Concern by hey[:: How do you place audio in Windows Motion picture Maker? I click “import tunes/audio” and then i click on the track and every little thing. Then I click on, “import” and practically nothing happens. What else am I intended to do? What am I performing improper? Very best reply: Solution by Mr […]