Monthly Archives: February, 2012

How does one particular locate all audio/tunes documents on pc?

Issue by Chris P: How does a single identify all audio/music information on laptop? I am making an attempt to organize all my music/audio/video data files on my pc. The issue is they seem to be just about everywhere. Some of my songs gamers have these kinds of and this kind of tracks, whilst other […]

Is there a way to rip tunes/audio from youtube with no downloading anything?

Issue by mighty_power7: Is there a way to rip songs/audio from youtube without having downloading something? I will not want to obtain any applications or incorporate-ons. can i use home windows media player, itunes, or windows movie maker to rip the audio/audio from youtube? Greatest answer: Response by Echizendo you have a player for flv […]

How can I change my Electrical power Tab Editor information to music/audio documents?

Issue by Tanner: How can I transform my Energy Tab Editor documents to tunes/audio information? How can I convert my Electrical power Tab Editor data files to songs/audio documents? I want to make 1 of my tabs a music file so that I could hear to it each time where ever. Greatest answer: Reply by […]