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How to cut out audio in the movie but hold the audio?

Query by Alisha: How to reduce out audio in the video clip but preserve the audio? I have a video clip in which there is equally audio and audio playing. I want the audio, but not the audio, so I can set it to different tunes. Is there any way I can do this? All […]

How do I get songs for Windows Motion picture Maker?

Query by Dawn: How do I get audio for Windows Film Maker? I am trying to make A slide display correct . . Anywho I have LimeWire && how do I get tunes off of LimeWire . . . . I know you click import music or audio . . But how can I get […]

How can I conceal audio from my *music* folder in iTunes?

Query by dieg0: How can I hide tunes from my *audio* folder in iTunes? I have a tremendous sum of music and audio information. I want to conceal some that seem in my Audio folder (I have them in their personal playlist). Is there a way to highlight them and disguise them.. I do NOT […]

How do I broadcast music (audio output) from my pc to my stereo system?

Query by kallistos: How do I broadcast music (audio output) from my laptop to my stereo system? I want to established up a wi-fi connection so that i can hear my computer’s audio output in my residence amusement method in the other space. I was pondering, what is the best way to go about undertaking […]